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Pastoralist Parliamentary Group PPG leadership meet CS Education over Pastoralist education challenges

Pastoralist Parliamentary Group PPG leaders yesterday met Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu and Permanent Secretary Belio Kipsang to discuss matters of education in the pastoralist areas.

In the meeting held at Jogoo House, led by PPG’s Patron Hon. Raso Dido Ali, the leaders expressed the challenges facing the education sector in pastoral areas.

Also present during the meeting were:  Hon. Major (Rtd) Bashir Abdullahi (PPG Chairman), Hon. Memusi Kanchori (PPG Treasurer), Hon. Sarah Korere (PPG Secretary General), Hon. Peter Lochakapong (PPG Organizing Secretary), Hon. Kitilai Ole Ntutu (Deputy Organizing Secretary), Hon. Timothy Toroitich (PPG legal adviser), Sen. Hon. Lelegwe Ltumbesi (PPG Executive Committee Member), Hon. Amina Dika(PPG Executive Committee Member), Major Dekow M Barrow (Garissa Township MP), and Hon. Julius Melly (MP Tindiret).

Some of the issues raised by the members of parliament include:

  • School feeding programs
  • School Infrastructure
  • Quality of education in pastoral areas
  • Registration of schools including the low-cost boarding schools
  • Method used for capitations in schools.
  • Provision of water to the schools
  • Transportation of the education official on the ground
  • Support for NACONEK
  • Birth Certificates
  • Scholarships- both for secondary and higher education
  • Handling school dropouts
  • Early Marriages

CS Machogu assured that the following would be addressed immediately:

  • Two boreholes per constituency- This is in collaboration with the ministry of water and sanitation.
  • Meeting with the TSC CEO to discuss the ongoing recruitment, placement, and selection of teachers.
  • Distribution of relief food to the schools (to feed the pupils for 60 days) next week.
  • Distribution of ready-to-drink porridge to Garissa County.