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DLCI Hosts Remarkable Global Voice Linking & Learning E-Meet

Linking & Learning E-meet participants on Zoom

 By Joan Letting

DLCI this week lit up screens worldwide with a dynamic global Voice Linking & Learning E-meet.  The theme of the event was ‘Lights, Camera, Action: Harnessing Film’s Power for Advocacy.’

The event commenced on Monday with the screening of ‘Natiir,’ a poignant film produced by Asewark Productions, a Voice Grantee. The film, starring renowned model Ajuma Nasenyana, tells the inspiring story of a young girl from the marginalized Turkana community. Despite facing displacement, early marriage prospects, and a betrayal in her educational journey, she perseveres, ultimately becoming a Member of Parliament and aspiring to become Kenya’s first lady president.





On the second day of the event, 33 participants, including Voice Linking & Learning Coordinator Inez Hackenberg, Voice Communications Officer Kayla Lapiz, and Voice Roving Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Alexander Loer, joined in. The participants represented Linking & Learning Amplifier Officers and Linking and Learning Officers from 10 countries: Indonesia, Philippines, Tanzania, Laos, Cambodia, Uganda, Niger, Mali, Nigeria, and Kenya. Together, they engaged in a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences.

“That was a great topic, well executed,” Inez said.

Linking and Learning is the heart and soul of Voice. Voice is a project funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Netherlands and implemented by a consortium between Oxfam and Hivos.

Drylands Learning and Capacity Building Initiative DLCI is the national Linking and learning Facilitator in Kenya. We support 30 Voice grantees from across the country to link and learn from each other.