The Vital Role of Pastoralism in Africa’s Food System

By Jarso Mokku Pastoralism, the oldest food system, sustains a vast population of livestock in harsh environments unsuitable for crop farming. It is the most viable, productive, and efficient food system in drylands where a sedentary lifestyle cannot support human and animal life. Mobility, a crucial and unique adaptation strategy, enables the flexible use of […]

COP28 Side Event Highlights Urgent Need for Holistic Policies in African Drylands

By Jarso Mokku and Joan Letting In a compelling side event at COP28 titled “Land, Livestock, and Livelihoods: Early Actions for Adaptation and Resilience-Building from Africa’s Rangelands and Drylands,” stakeholders shed light on critical issues facing pastoralist communities in the drylands of Africa. Mr. Jarso Mokku, CEO of the Drylands Learning and Capacity Building Initiative […]

Addressing Climate Change-Induced Violence- 5 Strategies for Effective Solutions

  Article by Hillary Kitel. In the vast and arid landscapes that stretch across the Kenyan-Ugandan and South Sudan borders, a pressing concern demands our attention – climate change-induced violence among pastoralist communities. These communities, often living at the intersection of tradition and environmental change, are grappling with a complex and increasingly perilous situation. The […]

DLCI Hosts Remarkable Global Voice Linking & Learning E-Meet

 By Joan Letting DLCI this week lit up screens worldwide with a dynamic global Voice Linking & Learning E-meet.  The theme of the event was ‘Lights, Camera, Action: Harnessing Film’s Power for Advocacy.’ The event commenced on Monday with the screening of ‘Natiir,’ a poignant film produced by Asewark Productions, a Voice Grantee. The film, […]

Shattered Mirrors: Piecing Together the Puzzle of Identity.

Somali dancers presenting on identity at a cultural event

Article by Mahmud Muktar. Three friends and an acquittance sit at a table in a restaurant. As expected, the pals are engaged in a lively conversation fluently speaking their ethnic language. The ‘new’ guy sits attentively attempting to find his footing amidst the lively chatter. He murmurs a comment and the rest of the table […]

Hon Ekwe Ethuro, PPG’s Founding Member visits DLCI

By Hillary Kitel DLCI was honoured to receive a courtesy call from Hon RT Ekwe David Ethuro, EGH, CBS, a distinguished guest and a founding member of the Pastoralist Parliamentary Group PPG. Hon Ethuro, in addition to being a founding member of this important organization, also holds the title of Emeritus Speaker of the Senate […]

Mobile Pastoralism: How It Can Mitigate the Climate Change Menace

By Hillary Kitel. Mobile pastoralism, also known as transhumance, is a seasonal movement of livestock between different pastures. It is a traditional practice that has been used for centuries by pastoralist communities around the world. It is a system that offers numerous benefits and plays a vital role in addressing climate change. Here are some […]