Community Land


Review community land registration regulations and promote the full implementation of the Community Land Act. Increased effort to resolve land disputes.

National Drought Management & Emergency Response

Resourcing and strengthening drought management and resilience. Fast track Senate bill to operationalize the Drought Response and Emergency Fund. Formation of Parliamentary sub-committee on drought, food security, and nutrition.

Organisational Development of PPG and Sustainability of Secretariat

Ensure a smooth transition of the PPG leadership from old to the new. Develop the administrative committee structures and develop fundraising mechanisms. Ensure PPG membership contribution is automated and members’ contributions are fully accounted for. Organise periodic donor/PPG official meetings; develop funding raising proposals to resource PPG programs. Strengthen information on the PPG on DLCI website ( Develop PPG HR strategy and structure. Document the PPG policy advocacy story and history into a formal published book. Document the PPG leadership election code and procedures.