Natural Resource Governance

Focus areas

DLCI has been working in land governance for the past five years, including promoting integrated land use planning in the drylands, advocating for the enactment of community land legislation, and generating evidence around alternative livelihoods in the drylands of the Horn of Africa. DLCI is now expanding this work under its Natural Resource Governance sector which incorporates land, water, and livestock production sectors.

DLCI continues to support and promote the implementation of the Community Land Act 2016 by sensitising indigenous peoples and dryland communities to understand their land rights and to protect their territories. DLCI promotes integrated water resources management in the context of changing climate in the drylands, by promoting local governance structures that facilitate water resource sharing and peaceful co-existence.

DLCI utilises its extensive knowledge of dryland policy and practice, and a wide network of collaborators at regional, national, and community levels including within government, CSOs, research organisations, and donors.

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Community Land

Review community land registration regulations and promote the full implementation of the Community Land Act. Increased effort to resolve land

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