Drylands Learning and Capacity Building Initiative

Voice Project

DLCI is the Voice in Kenya Linking and Learning Facilitator. DLCI’s role is to:

Facilitate safe, inclusive spaces for 30 grantees and Voice rights holders to share experiences/ to learn together on their projects, explore empowerment and influencing approaches and to enhance the grantees’ capacity to be inclusive. We also facilitate the participation of all Voice grantees through communities of practice, learning sessions, and in an online platform and/or face2face meetings.

Annual Linking & Learning event

Amplify the voices of rights-holder groups, including Voice grantees, and put their ideas and identities in the public space. We use different media formats to raise their voices and share the grantee’s concerns to the wider audience, in close collaboration with the Voice communications hub. DLCI also pays attention to innovative offline options for areas that have little or no internet access, such that communities in remote rural areas, indigenous groups, and other disenfranchised groups alienated from the information society are able to learn as well as generate new knowledge.

Some of the activities so far undertaken include:

Convening the annual linking and learning event for grantees and rights holders. The three-day event dubbed Sauti (Voices) Untamed took place between 24th and 28th of April 2022 in Maanzoni. It was a space for grantees and rightsholders to share and explore opportunities for collaboration in their diverse areas of work. It was also a skills building workshop, as grantees were introduced to Voice LL programme, knowledge management, learning questions, and the topic of leadership in advocacy. The event incorporated the “unconference” methodology to give the platform to the grantees to present their work, lived experiences, and approaches and provide inputs and ideas to solve challenging questions.

Three (3) day skills building workshop to strengthen creative approaches in collaboration with the Voice Communication hub. The grantees were trained on using social media for advocacy in November 2021.

Supporting grantees to participate in profile raising events. Grantees organised various activities during internationally observed days, including World Social Justice Day (20 Feb), Zero Discrimination Day (1 March), International Women’s Day (8th March), and World Mental Health Month. We supported UDPK/Dupoto to celebrate the Zero Discrimination Day, while FOLT and SYO had budget lines to celebrate the International Women’s Day.


DLCI hosts an outstanding annual Linking & Learning event

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